Career Opportunities

CPA Consulting Group, PLLC offers career opportunities unavailable in regional CPA firms. Team members are exposed to several industries and a variety of tax and accounting areas. This allows team members to build diverse skills and a wide knowledge base. Being well-rounded and exposed to all areas of accounting gives each individual the opportunity to choose to remain diversified or to specialize in one area.

CPACG has a competitive compensation package. We offer insurance benefits, a premium only cafeteria plan, a 401(k) plan, and an overtime package. In addition, we reward firm development through a personal marketing plan and bonus structure.

For additional information about CPACG or to submit a resume, please contact us at or at the address listed in our contact information page.

CPACG services communities in the Greater Nashville area including but not limited to
Belle Meade, Bellevue, Brentwood, Forest Hills, Franklin, Goodlettsville and Hendersonville.

109 Kenner Avenue, Suite 100. Nashville, TN 37205